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With You

August 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

My youngest daughter, who is almost two years old, is learning her words.  Each day I see her, I hear something new like

“Mickey Mouse!”

“Do it again!”


The past few months, whenever my wife or I are walking around the house, our little girl loves to follow us around.  If we appear at all like we are bolting out of the house, she reaches out for us and shouts “No, wichoo!” Of course she means “with you” and every time big smiles emerge from our faces.

Recently I finished Skye Jethani’s new book With, which is a convicting yet inspiring read. (Disclosure: This is a book that my company Thomas Nelson published)  Skye describes the ways that we relate to God; under, over, from, and for God.  Too often we misinterpret what God wants from us and as I learned from my daughter it is simple. She wants to be with me. Perhaps I need to pay closer attention to how God speaks to me through my children.

When I read Skye’s book, I identified with all perspectives of the ways to relate to God.  But as my daughter has taught me, God wants us to follow him shouting “with you”.

And he is following us saying the same thing.