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I love my iPhone along with millions of others around the world. I am so thankful to have almost all of the information in the world that I can connect to from such a little device. For the information and social connection hound I am, it is gold.

Yet, there are many days that I want to throw the phone in the water and say I’m done with it. My very reasonable wife would strongly prefer I put it away more often and she is right. It is a battle I fight daily.

Apple’s latest iPhone Christmas advertisement caught my eye this week.

It is a beautiful commercial that gives you a double take, which is Apple’s intention. After all, it is titled “Misunderstood” and there is nothing wrong with the message of capturing the great moments with your family through your phone. I also love how Apple beautifully showcases the boy’s creative talent to honor his family with video memories. Bravo on accomplishing such a feat, Apple.


What Apple misses is what the boy misses. He misses the moment and the opportunity to be fully engaged in all of the activities with his family. Thus, he was a spectator rather than one living richly in the beautiful moment with family. Apple has a knack for trying to show us what culture should look like through its products. Although we are led to believe this is the way life should be, so much is missed in this message.

Despite the happy tears in the commercial, my tears were about how technology has removed us from experiencing life without each other’s full attention. When my wife and kids see me looking at my phone in their presence it is a clear message that I’m sending and that the phone is more important than precious time with them. I’ve got to change. We’ve got to change. There is a balance in living life fully and embracing the joy of technology.

This Christmas and New Year, my prayer is for the discipline to be intentional and present for my family and others. It is my family’s prayer too.

What did you think of the commercial? 

How has technology affected the ways you have had genuine connection with others?