How To Get A Buzz On Your Best Day

May 4, 2012 — 4 Comments

In one of my favorite movies, City Slickers (1991), a question is asked amongst friends who were on a modern-day western cattle drive adventure,

What was your best day?  

This is a great question to ask at different points in your life to get a pulse on where your heart is. I have a firm belief that in order to discover your heart that God gave you, it is essential to look back at the moments, in this case a day, to understand what stirs you.

For me, I remember driving through the Scottish Highlands with my good friend Steve Griffin and another South African friend. It was recommended that we go to the Isle of Skye in the west highlands. We weaved through long windy roads traversing historic and beautiful areas like breathtaking Glencoe, The Rob Roy Monument, and even the enchanting Eilean Donan castle. The day started by waking up in beautiful Portree, a small fishing village only to witness small boats heading out to sea with the sun rising above them. After a hearty Scottish breakfast of tea, eggs, and sausage, we drove and walked around the island. We drank water from the streams, walked along the coast, took pictures of the mountains, breathed in the beautiful air. Believe it or not, the Scottish Tourism Board isn’t paying me to write this as my sentiment is genuine.

After we left the island and drove north, we all were in awe and marveled at what we just witnessed.

I said to my friends,

“You know what would make this the most complete and best day ever?  “What if an RAF Tornado fighter jet buzzed through this beautiful valley?”

I had heard about military jets buzzing some of these valleys and since I’ve always been a fan of British and American airpower, this would complete it. Our South African thought we were delirious Americans who only cared about weapons. We laughed of course and didn’t think anything of it because of the unlikelihood.

Not five minutes later we heard a roar of a plane approaching us. I was in the passenger seat and could see it approaching us from behind us.  With half of our bodies out the window, Steve and I went crazy screaming and cheering as a Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado buzzed our car at almost supersonic speed.

After the plane roared on by, Steve said it best,

That’s the sound of freedom, baby.

I’ll never forget that day.

Our reaction to the RAF Tornado made me think of the awe and amazement of Christian Bale’s character, Jim, in the beautiful and tragic Steven Spielberg film, Empire of the Sun (1987) when he sees the P-51 Mustang buzz his concentration camp. Jim saw his “Cadillac of the Sky” as a sign that freedom is coming. I can imagine that it was Jim’s best day at that point in life, despite how hard things were.

Why does a best day ever even matter?

Since that day in Scotland, I’ve had several “best days” that have topped that one. I’ve been to the World Cup in Germany and seen amazing sights. I’ve also traveled around the Mediterranean to see Greek islands like Santorini. I think mostly about Brooke and I getting married and how beautiful she looked walking toward me at All Saints Chapel in Sewanee. I remember her smile, her grace, and beautiful blonde hair gracing her long flowing white dress all while walking along flowers. God was present that day, May 28, 2005, I know it. It was a “best day” indeed.

These “best days” matter because they give us a glimpse of heaven. It is a swagger in the golf swing, a tip of the hat, a wink of the eye. It is God showing us the way things are supposed to be and what we also have to look forward to for eternity in Heaven if we put our trust in Christ.

What about you?

What is your best day? 

4 responses to How To Get A Buzz On Your Best Day


    Days like that when you are in tune with the universe, or even just moments are pure bliss. Best day is almost too grand for me to consider, but moments of bliss, sure, they pop right into my mind.

    One I remember well from last year was my arrival with two friends for a day at the sea, an annual pilgrimage we make to a giant flat rock in Cassis called Le Presqu’ile (almost an island). Just before we arrived I had been telling my friends about a book I was reading (Making the Connections by Elke Babicki) in which is mentioned some scientific experiments that show how our thoughts affect water, it shows how the structure of water cells change depending on the thoughts we send them. Those given messages of love look like sparkling snowflakes – they are beautiful in shape and very light. Those that have hate or anger sent to them are misshapen and dark.

    So, we parked our car, walked on and turned the corner and are faced with our first image of the sea on this beautiful week day and the sparkles emanating from its glistening surface were so stunning all three of us just went ‘Wow’ and stared for a long while and really felt the effect of those sparkles. It wasn’t quite summer, but that day there was no stopping me diving off the rock into the quiet swell of that all powerful sea.

    Every day I am reminded of that moment as my friend took a photo and made it the coverpage of a daily work diary she gave me as a Christmas gift. Bliss.


      Claire, this sounded like a beautiful day and I see how your passion is in French culture so it makes it all the better. I also saw that you are a fan of Ann Patchett, who’s bookstore is right down the street from our house. Never forget the days like these as they always bring us closer to Christ. Appreciate you and your blog!


    First off, this is your best blog. Really well done. It’s hard to pinpoint my best day. First off, as Donald Miller points out, we forget 99% of our days. For this reason, I wish I journaled. I think mostly of best moments and the older I get the more I cherish these with my family. I try to never take a hug, a joke, a smile, or something fun for granted. We take an annual trip to Florida every October and these “best days” are almost always there. Keep it up Dave!


      Thanks Curt. Journaling is key to this particular day. I still didn’t refer to it but remember it in almost every detail. It is a good reminder of those glimpses of heaven to me and I continue to see God work through these best days. Let’s keep looking for this in our journeys.

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