Your Top 5 Comedy Movies…

November 21, 2011 — 24 Comments

A warning to any person who interviews to work with me.

I ask a lot of questions but to be honest assuming I have done my research on you and know your work ethic, I want to a few simple things.

I will learn more about you from asking this question than fifty others.

What are your top fives movie comedies?

Over the years I love asking people what their Top 5 (fill in the blank) as it keeps great conversation and I do learn more about that person in the process.  If you have read the book or watched the movie High Fidelity (2000), you will get the glimpse of the power of identifying your  “Top 5” of anything; your top 5 breakup songs, Top 5 places to live, Top 5 embarrassments in life, Top 5 songs about death, Top 5 _____.  There is a great line in High Fidelity and I don’t completely agree with it but the idea always amuses me.

“I agreed that what really matters is what you like, not what you are like… Books, records, films – these things matter. Call me shallow but it’s the (expletive) truth.”

Ultimately I do care “who” you are but this sometimes can be more fun.

So let’s have fun.

Here is my rule for identifying your top 5 comedies:  The comedy must be at least 5 years old so you can test if it has “staying power.”  If you don’t understand, there is a possibility for The Hangover to eclipse this list.  You will notice that all of these movies are incredibly quotable.

Tommy Boy: Pure dumb and clean humor.

“Brothers don’t shake hands. Brothers gotta hug.”

Monty Python and the Holy Grail: The finest of English “humour” to hit this side of the pond.

“I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.”

Wedding Crashers: The classic buddy movie…never leave your brother behind.
“Never walk away from a crasher in a funny jacket! Rule #115!”
The Big Lebowski: Crass it may be but it is the most quotable movie…ever.
“At least I’m housebroken.”
Caddyshack: I grew up on this movie and being a golfer, it makes that much more special.
“Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac… It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!”
The Fringe list: The Hangover, Airplane, Anchorman, Old School, Animal House, Strange Brew, Top Secret, High Fidelity, and National Lampoon’s Vacation (and Christmas Vacation of course).

When I need the best laugh, I simply press play to watch The Big Lebowksi. Any Lebowski fan will love this line,

“Obviously you’re not a golfer.”

So have you thought about your top 5?

Would you believe there is a “help” website to find your top five?  Check it out here.

Comedy likes are so personal and can have tremendous variety.  Take a look at these.

College Humor’s Top 100 Comedies

Only these guys would come up with a countdown to awesomeness like The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Anchorman, The Hangover, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Glorious top 5.  I want these guys running the country. No wait…the world.

Time Out London’s Top 100 Comedies

How typical that the English would come up with two Monty Pythons in the top 5 and This is Spinal Tap.  I guess they need to represent their homeland best.  I do appreciate their Zucker brother humor by keeping Airplane as #2.

AFI’s 100 Years, a Hundred Laughs

The irony of their top two is that Some Like It Hot and Tootsie both feature cross dressing.  Although I love AFI and these two movies are they the top two comedies of all times?  Hmm…


What are your top 5 comedies and why? 

24 responses to Your Top 5 Comedy Movies…


    Tommy Boy, Fletch, Dumb and Dumber, Airplane, The Focker’s;


    Can’t answer. Pathetic, huh? So I’m looking over the link above…in the mean time, I’m supposing you won’t be hiring me anytime soon. 😉


    I think mine are: Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Tommy Boy, Wedding Crashers, Beverly Hills Cop, and Groundhog’s Day.

    Dave Schroeder (Ther Real One) November 21, 2011 at 9:45 pm

    How about Animal House, The Little Fockers, Wedding Crashers, Christmas Story ( a major award) and Caddy Shack.


    Raising Arizona, Tootsie, Airplane, Groundhog Day, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


    OK, before I answer the question I’d have to question this five year rule. I understand the idea but it does mean you rule out a whole bunch of fantastic comedies. Not ones that are younger than five years old but the ones you see once and they are side-splittingly funny because they are new school or impacting but then lose impact on review.

    I also think that comedy is the hardest genre to judge because, above other genres it depends more on mood but also who you are watching it with. I have found that watching a comedy with good friends so improves your viewing pleasure!!

    OK here is my British take on the best five comedies of all time

    1. Withnail and I
    2. The Princess Bride
    3. Blazing Saddles
    4. This is Spinal Tap
    5. and just to break the five year rule and lose the job!! Four Lions!!


      Well brother…I love your list. Blazing Saddles and Spinal Tap are favorites as well. Never heard of Withnail and I and Four Lions but I’ll put them on the list.
      You also bring up great points about how comedy is the hardest genre to judge because it does indeed depend on the mood and who is watching with you. I do agree that the majority of comedies are so much funnier with friends. But should they? Deep thoughts for the week, right?

      Hope all is well across the pond!


        Things are going brilliantly over here thanks, and with you? Both Withnail and I and Four Lions are British comedies so may or may not translate into good movies for you. Four Lions brings up another issue with movies having to be over 5 years old in that it is a topical comedy. It is about a group of inept English terrorists. It really is brilliantly done and worth a watch!!

        I guess the issue of comedies being funnier with friends is twofold – one laughter is infectious and two not too many people drink alone!! lol

        Be blessed and thanks for signing up for my blog, you’ll be publishing it next!!!



        I think you and I just need to get in the same room to introduce movies to each other. That is the true test, wouldn’t you agree?

        We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday here this week with family. I hope someday you can come to the US to celebrate the holiday. I’m about 10lb overweight now!

        In other news, I am changing jobs going to work for an ad agency here in Nashville. Hope to catch up soon, Nathan!


        Dave, I look forward to that day – you are always welcome here and if your new job means international travel we are only an away from central London and have room!!

        Glad Thanksgiving went well, the new job sounds like a good challenge, one to which I’m sure you will rise. I hope and pray the start goes well and isn’t too stressful. I look forward to hearing all about it!

        So, until we are in the same room – what are your movie recommendations for this week – let’s say with a moral theme?

        Have a great week



    I’d have to go with:

    1) Rushmore
    2) Trouble in Paradise
    3) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    4) The Big Lebowski
    5) Office Space


    Some of the above, but how about “The Producers”; not the Nathan Lane one, but Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel.


    1. Dumb and Dumber
    2. Tommy Boy
    3. Blazing Saddles
    4. Fletch
    5. Airplane

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