It’s a Jelly

November 10, 2011 — 2 Comments

Ever wanted to achieve that specific goal in life?  You want it so bad, you can’t help it?  But you know deep down you can’t just step out and grab it.

Sometimes it requires more from you.

Sometimes in life, it requires a sacrifice.

Sometimes you need to give up a jelly donut.

I love jelly donuts because they are the “best of the best” when it comes to donuts.  My favorite movie from the Great White North is Strange Brew (1983)  I even parodied the McKenzie brothers with a friend at a Young Life camp. We of course drank “Eh” Root Beer instead of Elsinore but you can imagine how much fun we had with our accents.  We even played donut hockey with campers.  God bless Canada and their accents I say!

For Bob McKenzie, giving up the jelly was essential to get what he needed to accomplish the mission.  (Yeah, I know theirs was a bribe but you get the idea)

What are you trying to achieve today?  What do you need to give up? 

You may need to give up the jelly.

PS Maybe this is a better post for lent? But enjoy the clip from Strange Brew if you’ve never seen it.

2 responses to It’s a Jelly


    Netflix just added it to streaming… I’ve probably seen it 25 times from HBO circa 1985 – they used to play it all the time. Classic to say the least… hoser

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