Reminded by the Summer Dew

June 30, 2011 — 2 Comments

This morning I stepped outside and looked out at my back yard.  The coffee was just right and I decided to take a stroll around the yard.

I stepped into the grass and my foot became engulfed with dew.

Those steps became a reminder of my summers when I was young.  I was blessed to move at the age of 8 across town in Kansas City to a little nine-hole golf course.  It was there that I spent most of my summer mornings waking up early and hitting the dew soaked tee-box to begin a fun round of golf with my neighborhood friends.  We were blessed with one of the finest junior golf programs in the city and it was in those years that I fell in love with the game.

Occasionally none of my friends could play so I would join a group of retired gentlemen.  These men loved having a “youngster” join them to play.  They played a relaxed pace but still kept score and honored each stroke with patience and routine, while paying close attention to the rules.  They kept accurate score, called penalties on themselves, and would laugh and talk about all sorts of things in life.  Most importantly, they took the time to invest in me by teaching etiquette and that golf is a great game to play by yourself for a challenge.  With that, they taught me by example that relationships you can develop in a golf-foursome are invaluable.  Last, watching these gentlemen play showed me that the game was a sport that could be played until they day I die. Even at the age of 8, it was clear to me that this game would never go away.

I’m pretty sure I became a morning person because of the game of golf.  This is why I’m writing this now in the wee hours.  I don’t play much golf anymore since I have a young family and my mornings are spent clowning around with them.  My kids will soon be spending their summers at sports and other craft camps so it will be interesting what connects with them.   Their stories will be written in the next few years and I can’t wait to read them.

The circle of life continues…

Tell me your favorite summer sports story when you were young! What did you learn from it? 

2 responses to Reminded by the Summer Dew


    Not really a sport, but you got me thinking about my bike. It’s really all I needed as a kid. My friend John and I would wake up before dawn and get on our bikes looking for adventure. 9 times out of 10 we would rummage through trash collecting .10 cent bottles. We’d turn them in for cash and eat breakfast at McDonald’s. We could have used our own money to do that, but where’s the fun in that? The rest of the day we would build ramps and jump things. The fact that we’re still alive is quite remarkable. John and I met when we were six. We’re still great friends today. Thanks for taking me back.


      Curt, you and I were meant to have grown up in the 50s…but of course the Kevin Arnold in us has taken over. Great story about growing up! I can just imagine you with your afro riding on your bike in Michigan!

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