Ditching the Pacifier

April 11, 2011 — 12 Comments

The past few weeks my lovely wife Brooke and I have been talking about a strategy to get rid of “The Pacifier”.

Duh duh duh…

Yes, any parent out there knows exactly what I’m talking about.  The pacifier is just about the best and worst invention created for a young child.  We have a 19 month and recently turned 3 year old.  We knew that if we tried to get rid of these things both would need to do it at the same time.

No turning back.

Truth is we have been trying to do this ever since our oldest was 17 months old and our youngest was born.  It just didn’t stick. They love their pacifier.  It soothes them.  I get it. I like a nice cup of java every morning because it does something similar to me. Our girls call the pacifier a “Bobby” anyway.  We keep asking “Who is this Bobby?!?!”  Can we punch this kid because we hate this thing you so eloquently call ‘Bobby’?” Our oldest girl just picked up the name “Bobby” from a friend of hers.  It has stuck.  (In the future I sure hope she doesn’t date some guy named Bobby because I’ll immediately dislike him.)   Nevertheless, I read here about 150 other variations of names that kids call them.  I hate them all and you should too.

As suggested by some friends (I think), we bagged up all of the pacifiers in our house and took them to a toy store.  We promised the girls they could exchange their pacifiers for a baby doll of their choice. We tipped off the person at the cash register that we’d do this and when we made the “exchange of goods” the girls had no problem whatsoever.  But we knew once nap time would come all hell would break loose.  Oh and it did.  The house became like “Nam” as portrayed in the movie Apocalypse Now.  It’s been pure psychological warfare since with lots of crying.  The kids scream out for their beloved “Bobby” and we fight the urge to give in.  When faced with stressful situations like this I get a little bit like Clark Griswold and well…lose it.  If it weren’t for Brooke’s patience with me (her other man-child husband), I don’t know how else we would get through.  Brooke and I have been committed to this so despite the kids’ screaming fits we’ll get through it.  Last but not least, we prayed for strength and lots of it.  God has delivered.

It has been almost 3 days since “Ditching the Bobby” and all is quiet on the Western Front.  We suspect that most of this week they will still ask for it.  It’s a lesson in life I suppose.

I pray that our oldest girl doesn’t lose her naps because of these but this is all part of the growing up experince. She’ll get through it as will we.

My advice to other parents out there.  You’ll make it through. We all will.

12 responses to Ditching the Pacifier


    We are running dangerously low (I think we have 5 left or so, for the 3 boys), and have vowed to buy no new ones. Dreading it, although it wasn’t terrible for Z….but this could be 3 times worse 😉


    Yep. Been there. I’m just glad our youngest, now 2 years old, never really developed an addiction to the pacifier. At our house, the paci fairy came. She is alot like the tooth fairy. They put their paci under their pillow and in the morning, the paci fairy has taken their beloved paci to a new baby and left them a small present under their pillow. It was much harder with our first, she is now 6, but she was mad the first morning and didn’t even want to look at the nicely wrapped present the paci fairy left. She just wanted her paci back. Things worked out 🙂


    TOO FUNNY! I’m re-living it with you my friend, and Aaron would vouche, he acted in a similar fashion. You speak through, you will get through. Our youngest just announced that as you turned six, she was done with her thumb… she’s trying. Funny have we do get attached to our comforts… Thanks for the post! 19 days…


      And don’t we all have our own adult issues with detachment? It just is funny how God makes us. I just love our girls and want them to see that change is part of life. They will do great. Thanks for reading, Heather! Look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.


    This makes me laugh! I would love to see the Clark Griswold crazed look in your eye. 😉


    Ha, I hope I am still a friend after suggesting the exchange. Our now 8 year old Nattie loves us recounting the “binky exchange story” now. I need that sign in the house!


      Man I’ve just been slammed. Totally my fault. I don’t skype that often so that is why I’m out of it. Man, I need to get to Oregon. After visiting Seattle for work a few weeks ago I’m convinced it is in my blood. Coffee, beer, hiking, fishing, well maybe I don’t fish but you know. I like the idea of it. Hope all is well!


    NO WAY…we started this over the weekend…It was HORRIBLE! Initially it was going to be given up to the ‘Easter Bunny’…so the ‘binky’ and blanket were laid nicely in the Easter basket and off to bed…wow, I was like can it really be this easy??? NOT! So I gave in Sat night, I didn’t want the kid to hate the Easter bunny because he took her binky. So last night was like all in. We had a doll and said okay you have this doll or your binky, she of course took the doll and later crying and screaming, I want binky, I want my binky, I don’t want the doll….AHHHH, I never thought I would make it…NOW totally exhausted and strung out of coffee I feel like I’ve completely scared my child (who seems to be no worse for the ware)… I can’t wait for what tonight holds!!!!AGUH! I thought, well maybe I should give her the pacifier and then take her to the store and let her pick out something to trade for it. Now good to know it doesn’t really matter, just hold tight and weather the storm… So anyway, I’m sooooo glad that I caught this email and blog!!!!! But I’m wondering if maybe we should’ve done it for both girls at the same time…oh well.


      I shouldn’t laugh but we are all in this together. Let it remind you that you and Tom are not crazy and you will get through it. Cannot wait to catch up in person in St Louis!

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