Remember the Frostbite, Remember The Battle of the Bulge

February 4, 2011 — 4 Comments

Most of the nation has entered a freeze.  Blizzards have overtaken us in parts of the midwest and northeast.  Schools have closed. People are stuck and can’t move.

Yeah, I’m ready for spring just like you.

My father reminded me about my grandfather who fought (and was wounded) at The Battle of the Bulge.  This was the largest battle of World War II and was the Hitler’s last chance to save the war.  The allied victory sealed the German’s fate.  There were 80,987 official American casualties (19,000 dead) and the majority of them happened in the first three days of battle.  It was even worse for the Germans.

All of this happened in a deep European freeze.  The weather was much like what we are encountering this week. On top of that most of the troops didn’t have any of their winter gear so they were left with normal uniforms without gloves and other essentials.  Meanwhile, they were being attacked by hundreds of thousands.

You can read about the details of the battle here. You also get a good glimpse of the battle portrayed in movies like Battle of the Bulge (1965)Patton (1970), and the Bastogne episode of the miniseries Band of Brothers (2001).

When I hear people complain about the weather in the winter, I think about my grandfather Branch and the many others who endured this battle. It also makes me remember that our soldiers are currently fighting in weather like this in Afghanistan.

Remember who fought in the real cold for us.  We are free because of them.

Remember the Frostbite

4 responses to Remember the Frostbite, Remember The Battle of the Bulge


    Wife Georgeanna’s grandfather (Bulge vet) gave this toast at our wedding:
    “I was in the Battle Of The Bulge” with an uncertain fate.
    I was in the ‘outs’ with my girlfriend back home, Georgeanna (wife’s namesake). So I prayed that if I got out of this jam, I’d go home, make up with my girlfriend and ask her to marry me……and here were are 60+ years later.”
    So if it weren’t for him getting out of ‘that jam’, I’d still be single with no kids….and regretfully so.


    As a vet, this is great. Man, I remember when I was in vet school and many people quickly found
    out that it is not really a snug and comfy job like they believe it may be!
    Dirty veterinary scrubs, long hours, little sleep, along with lots to figure out, but it is really definitely
    worth it.

    This definitely applies to all veterinarians.

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