Learnings from The King’s Speech & The Social Network

January 18, 2011 — 6 Comments

This past week I’ve watched two fantastic films: The Social Network and The King’s Speech. Both are tremendous works of cinematic art.  Both were successful at the Golden Globes and most likely will do well at the Oscars.  Most importantly, they tackle some key issues that make the movies relatable and by all means fit in the “great” category.

The themes of these films are classic Shakespearian: Friendship, trust/betrayal, duty, love, insecurity, and courage.

As a man these themes came right out from the screen and hit me in the heart.

The Social Network is a breakdown of the things that can make men great.

The King’s Speech is a build up to those things that do.

They are equally important to learn from.

In life I’ve learned that every person is flawed.  It’s what one does to overcome it that matters.

Here is what I learned from these core themes:

Friendship. Find your Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush’s character).  He is the guy we all want to turn to in life.

Duty. Sometimes whether we don’t feel like we deserve to be in a certain position (or don’t want it), we must rise up to honor those before us.

Courage. Know that you can overcome anything with the help of others and the willingness to risk.  Stand up for what you believe in.  It’s not supposed to be easy.

Trust/Betrayal. Be aware of those around you.  We’ve all been betrayed.  It is human nature to a degree.  I’ve betrayed friends before unfortunately.  Ask forgiveness and forgive but learn. Trust can be earned back over time.

Insecurity. We don’t have it all together. No one does.  Be open about that and trust in God, in others who love you, and remember that you’re not alone.

Love. Need I say more.

If you haven’t seen these movies, please do.

I’m challenged by the deeper themes here.  What about you?

6 responses to Learnings from The King’s Speech & The Social Network


    Great post! Really enjoyed the Social Network, Aaron and I enjoyed some interesting conversation. Haven’t viewed the King’s Speech yet, will have to. Movies really due mirror life, and the society in which we currently live. Good stuff!


    Dave, you continue to challenge me to expand my horizons! Thanks for giving me something to do this weekend. Miss you brother.


      Oh Mark, you will love The King’s Speech. It’s worth seeing in theater and not waiting. As for The Social Network, it’s at Redbox right now so ultra cheap. Just have fun, these movies at these core are meant to inspire greatness. I’m still trying to figure out what they mean to me.

      How is the job so far? So proud of you taking this leap of faith to the great northeast. You ready for spring yet? You’ve got a few more months of snow. Hang in there.


    Heh, I clicked through expecting a fact v fiction comparison…

    But your post is better than the one I had in my head 🙂


      Hope so. I know that with both movies (as it is with most adaptations) there are inaccuracies. The lessons can still be learned. It’s why we need to make sure before quoting movies like these we need to do further research. These were still wonderfully written and acted so the lessons are clearer and better in many ways.

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