The Toughest Job In The World

August 15, 2010 — 8 Comments

I’ve double-bag caddied for 36 holes on 100 degree days.

I’ve worked 70 hour weeks in the office.

I’ve mowed a dozen lawns in one day.

But, there is nothing that could have prepared me enough for the toughest job in the world…


These past few days my wife Brooke has been out of town thus entrusting our two and a half year old and 11 month old to my so called capable hands.  I’ll admit that I have had help as my mother is a saint for coming in town to help.  In these past two days we have looked at each other and said “How does Brooke do it?”

There have been moments I have been proud of this weekend.  There has also been times that I’ve had to ask forgiveness of my mother by stressing out and taking things out on her.  I have to do that often to my wife as well so my poor mom is taking it for the team.  Hey even Clark Griswold got to lose it here and there in National Lampoon’s Vacation.

I can only come up with one conclusion.

It is time to lighten up and enjoy this process.

I thoroughly love my kids and the being a dad no matter how hard it can be sometimes.  This weekend we’ve gone to the pool twice, taken fun walks with our dog Winston, ran around the yard, made up a small inflated pool on our deck, created art, listened to music, ran around the mall, and yes I confess we even watched a little of the PGA Championships and a St. Louis Cardinals game.  This is just part of the dad life I suppose and I’m still getting used to it.

I’d propose an end to trying to do this parenting thing alone.  Even if you are divorced raising children, you are still not alone. The earlier we admit that we can’t do it all and all of it perfectly, the better off we will be.  The more we rely on friends, family, and God to take care of us and give us patience, creativity, and forgiveness, the more fun we will have. I am ready.

If you are single reading this or are married without kids just watch and observe the parents out there.  Learn from their mistakes, learn from their successes. Parents can’t imagine life without kids, it’s an adventure.

Both kids are taking naps as I write this by the way.  Why am I not napping?  Yep, because there is always something to do.

I’d love to hear some of your parenting stories and lessons.  How do you get through the hardest days?

PS  If you need a good piece of entertainment as a married couple with kids, watch Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Last but not least if you didn’t catch the “The Dad Life” video, you’ll love this.

8 responses to The Toughest Job In The World


    Oh the stories to tell… You’re a great Dad, my friend. And Brooke is a wonderful Mother. This I know because… you both seek the Lord, humbly admit your b umblings, and laugh about it along the way. Parenting IS the hardest job, I believing they teach me more than I will ever teach them. Thanks for opening up this forum to “talk”, thansk for sharing your heart, thanks for loving your wife…all part of God’s plan.


      This is why I need great mentors like you and Aaron. What great parents you are…meaning that you are open about your faults and helpful with direction in how to raise kids. Love you guys!
      Brooke gets home tonight so can’t wait to see her.



    As the daddy of twin ten year olds, I can tell you that you have a lot to look forward to. Slowly I am seeing the influence that we’re having on our children. I’m not Superman, but each week, I get small indications that they’re actually listening! Remember parents, of course it’s tiring, yes it can be overwhelming, but as I wrote here:
    You are their life jackets in a world that can be as dangerous as deep water. Enjoy it. It flies by. Hug them and each other tight!

    Thanks Dave. Wonderful post.


    This made me laugh! I had this feeling about what it was about before I even got past the tweet…and I didn’t even know Brooke was out of town! 🙂 So…is the lesson to be learned here that I should leave Matt home alone with the kids for a day or so? 🙂
    Glad your mom was there to help; and you both survived!


      Thanks Rachel! I wasn’t particularly impressed with myself you know but I survived. I started out with giving myself a D for getting too stressed out and not being nice to my mom (who drove 5 hrs to be here to help!), then got my game back in gear the past 36 hours or so. Brooke is home in an hour so can’t wait to see her. But, I leave for LA tomorrow morning with Max so separated again! Argh. I’m back Tuesday night, though so could be worse.

      Tell Matt that he’s doing just fine. Dads unite!

      Thanks again for the wonderful encouragement!


    Dave, I couldn’t connect with you more on this. My wife went out of town to work on a television show for “10 DAYS”. I actually took my vacation from work to watch the kiddos so she could do to L.A for the gig. Needless to say, I didn’t know what I was getting in to with two boys and I gained an amazing amount of respect for my lovely wife to which much love is due.

    The thing that I learn the most was how important it is to give your kids attention. I work in a very fast pace work environment, filled with lots of phone calls, lunches and social media and it is just hard to shut off when I get home. I asked my oldest son Nolan, who is almost 5, what he liked the least about me. Nolan said “I don’t like it when you’re on your phone.” Needless the say, I put the phone away for the remainder of our time together.

    It’s amazing how much fun you can have with your kids when you are actually WITH them instead of just around them.


      Daniel, this is really cool to read your story. I see you are here in town so we need to meet at some point.

      My wife and kids have both given me that look when I’m on the phone by the way. I hate it, they hate it. Just put it down. It’s all good.

      Hope to meet up soon!

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