Something More To The Escape

June 1, 2010 — 4 Comments

Well friends, I am thankful for a safe trip with my bride to Destin, Florida this past weekend.  We were there celebrating our 5 year anniversary and also our first vacation together away from our two young children.  Both of us needed some good rest on this trip.  Unfortunately, I spent the first 30 hours or so of our vacation yacking up some bad shellfish.  Good times…on our anniversary.  My wife was so wonderful as she has been in the 8 years I have known her and took good care of me.  But, it did cause us to change our plans, one of them being a day trip over to Seaside.  Seaside is an architectural achievement compared to the style of bland rows and rows of houses we’ve seen since WWII.  As I expected, I loved this town.  I was enamored by it.  I was lost in it.

In this movie still from The Truman Show, Jim Carey is shown walking in Seaside, Florida. Source: Jim Carrey Online

If you haven’t visited Seaside, you most likely recognize it from the famous movie from 1998, The Truman Show.  Yep, The Truman Show is to this day one of the most creative movies to enter pop culture.  It’s clever theme preceeded the voyeur-centric television we became so enamored with in the 2000’s.  Peter Weir is one of my favorite directors and captured something special we should all pay close attention.

There is something more, though.

Seaside as an idea, is an escape.  But, an escape to where, when, and about what?  Working in publishing, I can understand why Fiction is one of the bestselling genres not just in books but in all forms of media.  At times, we yearn to get away from this painful world and to just rest or become someone else.  As a Christian, I am reminded often that this world is a temporary place, but I still want to make the most of the time given to me.  My trip to Seaside made me aware that in life there is much work to be done in its adventure.

Seaside shall wait to me in the meantime.  But, it sure was nice to have that rest in the midst of battle.

What does your heart tell you when you want to escape?

4 responses to Something More To The Escape


    “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

    Probably a more relevant quote to your post from the Truman Show is:

    “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

    There is no doubt that my heart (still) wants to escape to North Carolina. There is something about that state and it’s not just the Tar Heels. I am at peace the moment I cross that border. It’s weird. Most would call it strange. I can only say what I feel when I am there. About a year ago I went for a run through Chapel Hill while we were there. It has hot, humid and hilly, but I soaked up the entire experience. I was, for a few short moments, at peace. That is a place (peace I mean) where I don’t often find myself, so that is why I look to North Carolina for my escape.

    Great post!


      I love that quote. I always wanted to know what he did after he entered through the door at the end. I figured that he met up with the girl, etc. I’d be amazed to see him discovering a life of complete free will. How cool would that be? He’d be drunk back on the beach, right? 🙂


    How gorgeous is Seaside!
    Oh the depth of your ending question. One cannot always answer matters of the heart.


      Have you been to Seaside Rachel? It was unbelievably beautiful.
      I’m still processing that question to you. I honestly don’t have the complete answer. It changes for me here and there.

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